Big City Mayors’ Caucus Forms Fentanyl Task Force

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Big City Mayors’ Caucus launched a task force last week to tackle the fentanyl overdose crisis. The goals of the task for are to share best practices from those on the frontline, and to work with all orders of government to better coordinate a rigorous and sustained national response.

According to task force chair and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Reobertson:

Cities are dealing with the fentanyl opioid crisis on the front lines, but the tragedy is escalating and we’re at a breaking point…We urgently need a nationwide emergency response as opioid addiction devastates families and communities and overdose deaths reach an even more horrific toll. In Vancouver, our front-line workers are tireless in their heroic efforts to save lives, but the intensity of overdose response is overwhelming.

For more: FCM – Opioid crisis:Mayors launch task force, engage federal ministers


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