AMCTO Releases Report on Municipal Reporting Burden

AMCTO is pleased to release a new research paper, Bearing the Burden: An Overview of Municipal Reporting to the Province. For years municipalities in Ontario have been straining under the range of reporting that they are required to submit to the province. This paper provides an overview of the municipal reporting burden in Ontario. Its goal is to provoke a conversation about how to reimagine the reporting relationship between municipalities and the province. Key findings of the reporting include:

  1. Reporting negatively impacts service delivery and prevents municipalities from innovating and preparing for the future
  2. Reporting is excessive and onerous
  3. The purpose of reporting is often unclear
  4. Municipal-provincial reporting is highly fragmented
  5. Municipalities think reporting is important

Read this report here.

For more:

Bearing The Burden: An Overview of Municipal Reporting to the Province (Technical Report)

AMCTO Municipal Provincial Reporting Inventory


4 thoughts on “AMCTO Releases Report on Municipal Reporting Burden

  1. While I am long retired from teaching (and from marking the MAP courses) I continue my lonely crusade to eradicate inappropriate apostrophes. In the fourth sentence of your post, you do not mean to state “it is goal” so you should be stating* its goal*, not it’s (the contraction for it is). Sorry to be picky, but I am increasingly concerned that when us old-timers die off, there will be no one left who knows when and where to use an apostrophe!😊 Take comfort in knowing that yours is not the worst transgression. That honour belongs to a sign I saw one year while driving through Georgia. It read “peache’s for sale.” With some difficulty, I managed to keep the car on the road. Cheers, Dick Tindal


    1. Having graduated from a Public Administration at St Lawrence College in Kingston may I remark that Professor Tindal’s statement should be corrected. In fact he hasn’t changes a bit in some 40 odd years. He is just as tough now as he was then. I have several “B’s” to prove that.


  2. Thanks for catching the error. However, I would suggest that it is quite the leap to assume that this error implies that there is a lack of understanding around the appropriate use of an apostrophe. Sometimes, mistakes just happen…we catch them and we learn to fail forward.

    Rick Johal


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