AMCTO Election Express: New Legislation & The New Municipal Election Calendar

Election Expresses are Back!

Hello everyone!

The AMCTO Elections Focus Group is excited to engage members once again with a series of Municipal Elections Expresses throughout this coming year. As a tradition at AMCTO, these communications will focus our attention on the upcoming municipal election, aspects of election administration and the legislative environment.

The Express communications will be developed by various volunteer contributors from AMCTO’s Election Focus Group in order to help keep you informed, connected and engaged in an ongoing dialogue leading up to the 2018 municipal elections. The goal will be to provide a regular, monthly express that covers a range of relevant topics for election administrators and staff.

Municipal Elections Calendar & Bill 181 Overview

Within this express, AMCTO is pleased to refer members to the Bill 181 overview that was developed and shared via our Policy Blog. Feel free to search the Elections tag for all related posts.

In addition, AMCTO developed a newly updated Municipal Elections Calendar. The suite of changes to Bill 181 meant that there was significant reforms needed to the previous elections calendar. The process to develop this calendar was a collective effort by several members of the AMCTO Elections Focus Group using Google Docs.

For any questions or comments, we encourage you to comment on the blog and we will do our best to ensure your questions are answered in a way that helps others!


Click below to access the following information:




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