List of Bills Passed During the Fall Sitting

Ontario’s legislature passed 19 bills during its fall sitting, on issues ranging from energy to housing. Newly passed legislation includes:

Bill 2, Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act (Government Bill) 

  • Bans corporations, unions and many other groups from making political donations
  • Bans MPPs, party leaders, candidates and some staff from attending political fundraisers
  • Reduces the maximum amount individuals can donate to party’s and candidates

Bill 7, Promoting Affordable Housing Act (Government Bill) 

  • Designed to increases the supply of affordable housing across the province
  • Makes housing programs more people-centred
  • Allows municipalities to use inclusionary zoning

Bill 9, Improving Post-Stroke Recovery for All (Private Members Bill) 

  • Designed to help improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital and system costs, and ensure that all Ontarians have access to quality post-stroke care

Bill 13, Ontario Rebate for Electricity Consumers Act (Government Bill) 

  • Designed to make electricity more affordable by providing an eight per cent rebate on electricity bills as of January 1, 2017

Bill 16, Hazel McCallion Day Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Recognizes the career and public service of Hazel McCallion, former Mayor of Mississauga

Bill 28, All Families Are Equal Act (Government Bill) 

  • Recognizes the legal status of parents more clearly and equitably, whether parents are LGBTQ2+ or straight

Bill 34, Children’s Law Reform Amendment Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Amends the Children’s Law Reform Act to clarify that grandparents have the ability to seek an order for access to their grandchild

Bill 36, Albanian Heritage Month Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Recognizes the history and achievements of the Albanian-Canadian community in Ontario

Bill 37, Protecting Students Act (Government Bill) 

  • Establishes a new investigation and disciplinary process for the Ontario College of Teachers

Bill 38, Islamic Heritage Month Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Recognizes and celebrates the contributions of Muslims to Ontario’s cultural and economic prosperity
  • Provides an opportunity for people in Ontario to learn more about the history and heritage of Islamic culture and help combat anti-Islamic sentiment

Bill 41, Patients First Act (Government Bill) 

  • Designed to make it easier for people to get the care they need by enabling Local Health Integration Networks to better coordinate information and services across the health system and in the community

Bill 43, PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Designed to help people in Ontario make more informed health care choices by increasing public awareness and education about paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcus (PANDAS) and paediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome (PANS)

Bill 44, Bangladeshi Heritage Month Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Celebrates the contributions the Bangladeshi-Canadian community has made

Bill 45, Election Statute Law Amendment Act (Government Bill) 

  • This Act allows electronic vote counting, changes the date of scheduled provincial elections from the first Thursday in October to the first Thursday in June, and gives 16- and 17-year-olds the choice to join a provisional voter register that will help them get ready to vote when they reach the voting age of 18

Bill 47, Protecting Rewards Points Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Designed to protect consumers by prohibiting the expiry of reward points

Bill 55, Remembrance Week Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Proclaims the week preceding Remembrance Day as Remembrance Week

Bill 56, Hindu Heritage Month Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Celebrates the Hindu-Canadian community’s history and heritage in Ontario

Bill 63, Nurse Practitioner Week Act (Private Members Bill) 

  • Celebrates and recognizes the many contributions of nurse practitioners to the health and well-being of people in Ontario

Bill 70, Building Ontario Up for Everyone Act (Budget Measures–Government Bill) 

  • Doubles the maximum Land Transfer Tax (LTT) refund to $4,000 while increasing LTT rates on one or two single-family residences over $2 million and all other properties over $400,000
  • Includes measures designed to improve consumer protection, extend whistleblower protection, enhance the fairness and effectiveness of the province’s property tax and assessment system, and establish the initial parameters for the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario
  • Includes a provision requiring regional chairs to be directly elected

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