Auditor General Releases Annual Report

Yesterday Ontario Auditor General (AG) Bonnie Lysyk released her 2016 annual report. According to the AG the theme of this year’s report is government contractor’s and suppliers being rewarded with additional business despite poor performance. The report, which covers two full volumes and 1,063 pages, highlights crumbling highways, shoddy transit contractors, the eHealth medical records program, and cap-and-trade. Key findings from the report include:

  • More than $1 billion is being spent annually on employment programs without sufficient information about where more skilled workers are needed
  • Below standard asphalt being used on major highways, leading to premature repairs
  • Approximately $8 billion spent on the eHealth program and other electronic medical records programs over the past 14 years, despite unsatisfactory results
  • The potential that Ontario’s cap-and-trade program will do more to reduce emissions in California than in Ontario
  • Insufficient oversight of physical billing
  • A two-thirds increase in government advertising
  • Youth mental health agencies facing a deluge of 50% more cases of hospitalization in recent years, without an analysis being done by the government about the causes
  • An increase of 21% in the number of mental health cases in hospital emergency rooms
  • Patients waiting 37 hours in emergency wards for hospital beds and 23 hours for intensive care beds

For more:

Office of the Auditor General of Ontario, 2016 Annual Report 


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