New Paper Calls for Canadian Cities to Get New Taxation Powers

A new paper, authored by Harry Kitchen and Enid Slack, argues that large Canadian cities should have access to new revenue tools. According to the paper, cities face tough decisions about how to fund the complex and growing demands facing them, and need new sources of revenue to survive.

Canadian cities face many challenges – changing demographics, increased income inequality, increasingly complex expenditure demands, deteriorating infrastructure, and so on. These challenges have increased over the last few decades, yet the revenues available to cities to meet those challenges have remained largely the same – property taxes, user fees, and transfers from federal and provincial governments. For a long time, Canadian cities have been calling for access to more taxes, comparable with what large U.S. and European cities have.

Amongst the taxation sources the paper considers are increases to income tax, a municipal sales tax, tolls, vehicle registration and others:


You can read the full paper here.


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