BAO Looking for Board Members

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario is recruiting for its Board of Directors. See below or click here for more information.

Call for BAO Board of Director Applicants

November 14, 2016

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) invites interested individuals to serve on its first permanent Board of Directors (the “Board”). We are currently seeking four (4) skills-based Directors.

Organizational Profile of the BAO

The BAO is responsible for licensing and enforcement related to cemeteries, crematoriums, funeral and transfer services. As part of its governance structure, the Board is supported by three Advisory Committees: Funeral and Transfer Service Advisory Committee; Cemetery, Crematorium and Municipal Advisory Committee; and Faith- Based Advisory Committee.

Board Mandate

The Board oversees the management of the BAO’s business and affairs and is expected to take on a leadership role in the development of the BAO’s strategic direction. The Board sets policy, oversees the expenditure of the BAO’s funds and represents the BAO in its dealings with government, regulatory agencies, and the public. The Board, through its Chair, is accountable to the Minister of Government and Consumer Services.

Board Composition

The BAO Board will be comprised of 10 members:

  • Four (4) Elected Directors selected based on their skills and governance experience. These are the 4 positions we are seeking to fill at this time.
  • Three (3) Directors appointed by the Minister of Government and Consumer Services
  • Three (3) Advisory Committee Chairs

Terms of Office

The terms of office for the Board will be staggered. Of the four skills-based Directors, two will have a three-year term, one will have a two-year term and one will have a one-year term.

The Chair and the Vice-Chair positions will be selected from within the Board and will serve a one-year term.

Nomination Process

A Nominations Committee comprised of 3 members of the current Board will review applications from individuals to serve on the permanent Board.

Application Process

If you are interested in participating, please complete an application, and submit along with a resumé and two references by December 16, 2016. Phone interviews may be conducted throughout December. Applications can be submitted by mail or electronically:

By email:

By mail:

Bereavement Authority of Ontario Attn: Nominations Committee 100 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 505 Toronto, ON, M2N 6N5

Qualifications of Directors / Skills Matrix

The following core competencies and attributes required by a BAO Board member may be acquired through a combination of education, practical work experience, previous Board experience and Director training. Click here for a Director Qualification Guide that defines a ‘basic’, ‘good’ and ‘strong’ level of understanding in each of these areas.

  •   Board and Governance Experience
  •   Financial Literacy
  •   Risk Management
  •   Strategic Direction and Planning
  •   Government and Regulatory Environment Stakeholder Relations

Important: The four (4) skills-based Directors must not have a direct personal or business interest in the bereavement industry. This means that:

  • Directors may not be a bereavement sector licensee; or an employee of a licensee;
  • Directors may not have ownership or financial interest in any segment of the bereavement sector;
  • Directors may not be a supplier to the bereavement sector; and
  • Directors may not be a member nor associated with a funeral, burial, cremation or memorial society/association.

Expected Contribution

  •   Attendance at 4 – 8 Board meetings per year
  •   Participation on ad hoc committees as required
  • Adequate preparation time for meetings


The BAO pays a per diem and reimbursement for travel and out-of-pocket expenses associated with attendance at meetings or special functions in accordance with the BAO Remuneration Policy and Expense Policy.

Nomination Timeline

  •   Board Member application submission deadline: December 16, 2016
  • First meeting of Board: March 2017


For more details on the composition, roles and responsibilities and overall structure of the Board, click here to access BAO By-law No. 2. For the Nominations Committee Terms of Reference, click here. For all other questions, call Lisa Padgett, Manager of the Office of the Registrar and Board of Directors, at 647-483-2645 ext 202 or by email at



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