AMO Releases Seniors Policy Paper

The report titled “Strengthening Age-Friendly Communities and Seniors’ Services for 21st Century Ontario: A New Conversation about the Municipal Role” was released by AMO to foster a renewed conversation with government to increase understanding of the important role municipal government plays in providing services to seniors.

The report has a suite of recommendations for the Province that include:

  • Continue to play a supportive role to facilitate age-friendly community development under its Action Plan for Seniors;
  • Work with municipal governments to enhance community services and housing including transportation options, the Elderly Persons Centres program, and seniors’ housing;
  • Amend the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, to provide municipal governments the choice to operate a long-term care home which would allow them the flexibility to provide the most appropriate care to suit their local residents’ needs;
  • Work with municipal governments to address issues in long-term care delivery including simplifying regulatory frameworks, reducing wait times, developing a human resources strategy, addressing challenging behaviours, undertaking systems capacity planning, supporting the redevelopment of long-term care homes, facilitating innovative models, developing community hubs, reviewing the funding model, and pursuing additional funding sources;
  • Address regionally-specific issues in rural and northern Ontario; and,
  • Support the municipal sector to deliver culturally-appropriate services to seniors.

Click here to access the full report.


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