Parliament Returns for Fall Sitting

Federal MPs are back in Ottawa this week as the fall sitting of Parliament begins. The fall session is likely to be dominated by leadership contests for the Conservative and NDP parties, as well as debates surrounding a number of the government’s key commitments, including:

  • A health accord with the provinces (to be complete by the end of the year)
  • A new electoral model for federal elections (last fall’s was the last conducting under first-past-the-post, according to the PM)
  • Decisions on pipelines and other energy projects (the government appears primed to reject the Northern Gateway project, and potentially approve the Trans Mountain Pipeline)
  • A national climate strategy (to be reached in conjunction with the provinces)
  • A commitment to contribute Canadian troops to a UN peacekeeping mission
  • Low levels of economic growth and budget deficits
  • Legislative protection for transgender Canadians

The government is now the stage in its mandate where after consulting widely it will have to make some hard, and at times unpopular, decisions.

For more:

The Globe and Mail, “Parliament is back, and the Liberals have some big decisions to make” 

Canadian Press, “Parliament resumes with government facing tough choices” 




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