Policy & Management Brief: Continuously Improving Municipalities to Achieve Strategic Success

In the fifth edition of AMCTO’s Policy & Management Briefs, Thomas Plant, Director of Strategic and Enterprise Services with the City of Bampton examines how strategic planning enables better municipal service delivery. Using examples from across Ontario, Plant argues that without a continuous improvement approach to decision-making municipalities are unlikely to achieve their goals.

To access this issue of AMCTO’s Policy and Management Brief, please click here.

For previous briefs, please visit our Policy and Management Brief webpage.

Change is Coming: The Future of AMCTO’s Policy & Management Briefs

After a year of publishing its Policy & Management Briefs, AMCTO will be taking a short break to make some changes to strengthen and improve this series. Over the coming months staff will be hard at work:

  1. Establishing a formal editorial board and review process, which will include formal calls for submission and more rigorous editorial oversight
  2. Formalizing an annual planning process
  3. Exploring partnerships and linkages to academic institutions and other publications

The series will formally re-launch at the beginning of 2017.

For any questions please contact Rick Johal, Director of Member & Sector Relations (rjohal@amcto.com)


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