New Certified Stock for Marriage, Birth, Change of Name and Death Forms

The Office of the Registrar General has announced changes to the paper stock used in Ontario for certified copies of birth, marriage, change of name, stillbirth and death registrations. Specifically:

The new stock will incorporate security enhancements to make certified copies more difficult to reproduce and provide additional methods to verify their authenticity. The appearance of certified copies will not change greatly. Due to the variance of paper availability the new paper stock may be slightly lighter in colour than the current stock.

Key differences between the new stock and stock currently in circulation:

1. Chemical Watermarks: A number of small watermarks featuring the coat of arms will be printed in a transparent ink and scattered within the border of the page where the copy of the registration will appear. The watermarks will be transparent on the certified copy and will not appear on a photocopy or scan. To view the watermarks, the document must be held on an angle near a strong light.

2. Thermochromic Ink: The Office of the Registrar General seal in the bottom right hand corner where the embossing is located will be printed in a gray security ink. Human touch, friction or blowing hot air onto the ink will cause it to temporarily fade.

Important Details:

  • All information featured on the current certified copies will remain the same on the new version
  • The cost of a certified copy (birth, marriage, change of name, stillbirth or death) will remain the same
  • Older certified copies are still valid and do not need to be replaced
  • It is expected that the new certified copies will enter circulation on or around May 30, 2016
  • ¬†Certified copies printed prior to that date will not possess the security enhancements noted above

Fraud and identity theft hurts individuals, businesses, taxpayers and the economy. This is one of a number of measures the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is taking to improve personal security and reduce fraud.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact 1-800-461-2156 or 416-325-8305.

For more:

Letter from the Registrar General, New Stock for Certified Copies


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