Policy & Management Brief: Municipal Accountability and Transparency in the Wake of Bill 8

In the fourth issue of AMCTO’s Policy & Management Briefs, Eric Muller—Policy Advisor at AMCTO, discusses the state of municipal accountability and transparency following the introduction of Bill 8. Relying on data from a survey of municipal CAOs and City Managers, this brief offers a glimpse of the operational and policy decisions municipal officials are making several months into the implementation of this new regime for accountability and transparency. It suggests that the municipal response to Bill 8 is both fragmented and evolving. While some municipalities have implemented new policies or procedures, a majority are still determining the best approach for their community.


To access this issue of AMCTO’s Policy and Management Brief, please click here.

You can also review the full survey data here.

Upcoming Policy & Management Briefs
In June, AMCTO is pleased to release the next Policy and Management Brief titled “Continuously Improving Municipalities to Achieve Strategic Success,” which will examine how operationalizing a strategic plan can align to continuous improvement for all sizes of municipalities. Author Thomas Plant, Director of Strategic and Enterprise Services with the City of Brampton uses this Policy and Management Brief to build upon the work in his previous two books; Strategic Planning for Municipalities: A Users Guide and Roadmap to Success: Implementing the Strategic Plan which are published by Municipal World.


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