Ontario Introduces Affordable Housing Legislation

Yesterday the government introduced the Promoting Affordable Housing Act, which if passed would amend four pieces of provincial legislation by:

  • Giving municipalities the option of implementing inclusionary zoning
  • Making secondary suites in new homes less costly, by exempting them from development charges
  • Providing local service managers more flexibility to administer and deliver social housing
  • Reforming tenant rights to prevent unnecessary evictions from social housing, and modernizing how rental property standards are enforced
  • Requiring Service Managers to conduct local enumeration to count people who are homeless in their communities

The introduction of this bill comes two months after the government updated the Long-term Affordable Housing Strategy.

For more:

Bill 204, Promoting Affordable Housing Act 

Backgrounder: Proposed Amendments to Promote Affordable Housing 

Long-term Affordable Housing Strategy 

Frank Clayton and Geoff Shwartz, “Is Inclusionary Zoning a Needed Tool for Providing Affordable Housing in the Greater Golden Horseshoe?” 

Wellesley Institute, “Inclusionary Zoning” 

City of Toronto, “Ahead of the Curve, Preparing for Inclusionary Zoning in the City of Toronto” 


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