BPS Energy Portal Now Open for 2016 Reporting

The Ministry of Energy is sharing information on its BPS energy reporting portal, which is now open for 2016 reporting. See below for the full message from MOE:

The Ministry of Energy’s Broader Public Sector (BPS) web portal is now available for 2016 reporting.

Ontario Regulation 397/11, Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans, requires all BPS organizations, including hospitals, municipalities, universities, colleges, school boards and municipal service boards responsible for water and sewage treatment operations to:

  • Report on their annual energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in designated buildings/facilities by July 1 beginning in 2013; and
  • Develop/update and implement 5-year conservation and demand management plans (CDM) plans by July 1 starting in 2014. 

This year, BPS organizations are required to report their annual 2014 energy consumption data by July 1, 2016. Energy consumption data is to be submitted to the Ministry of Energy and made publicly available on the organization’s website and intranet site and be available in printed form at their head office.

The Ministry will be hosting a number of webinars to help public agencies better understand the reporting requirements and how to use the ministry’s reporting portal.  The list of webinar dates can be found under the BPS reporting portal in the Toolkit/Webinar button.

Should you or your staff have any questions on the regulation, or require an update to your organization’s contact information, please contact the Ministry at to BPSSupport@ontario.ca.


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