Province to Ban Corporate and Union Donations for Provincial Elections

Premier Kathleen Wynne has indicated that the government is going to introduce reforms that will gradually phase-out corporate and union donations in provincial politics. The announcement follows weeks of controversy around the use of big money fundraisers in provincial politics, and the revelation this week that Liberal cabinet ministers are given fundraising targets as high as $500,000 annually. According to Premier Wynne, impending provincial election legislation will:

…also include transitioning away from corporate and union donations, lowering the annual donation limit, and at the same time, keeping the transparency measures in place on real-time reporting…. We will have to go through a transition, as the federal government did when it made changes…there will be some changes in place before the next election. Will all of the changes apply before the next election? Probably not.

For more:

Toronto Star, “Wynne promises new fundraising rules after Toronto Star Probe” 

Alberta Municipal Association Calling for an End to Corporate/Union Donations 


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