RELEASE: AMCTO Municipal Act Submission

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing launched its Municipal Legislation Review which included a review of Ontario’s municipal legislative framework: the Municipal Act, the City of Toronto Act, and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

AMCTO is pleased to add its voice to this review of our sector’s governing legislation through our Municipal Act Report & Submission. As AMCTO members maintain responsibility for implementing the legislation and policy intent of the Act; with that comes a strong and informed voice in understanding where the Act is working, where it falls short, and what simply needs reform.
Within this submission, AMCTO covers a broad range of context and issues related to the Act. As such, the areas of focus for our recommendations our couched in the following themes:
• Modernization
• Accountability and Transparency
• Financial Fairness
• Good Governance, and
• Clarity
As the Ministry considers AMCTO’s submission along with others within the sector; we are hopeful that policy makers reflect upon the recommendations made by Ontario’s municipal professionals and move forward with meaningful reforms to the Municipal Act.
Click here to view the AMCTO’s 2015 Municipal Act Submission.
For any questions or comments, please contact Rick Johal, Director of Member & Sector Relations ( or Eric Muller, Legislative Coordinator (


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